Chilean creatives develop the first social education tool for children

SIMA plugs into smartphones and can answer questions on subjects young people are curious about like animals, colours and food.

In today's connected world, it is often hard to get children to stay off their phones. But two creatives from Chile, have found a way to use the device as a tool for education with a robot called SIMA.

SIMA is a friendly social robot for kids that starts working once you embed a smartphone into it. One installs the SIMA software onto a phone in order to access the learning material and the the educational fun begins. The robot can use voice, gesture and expressions to entertain and educate.

The interactive robot answers questions about subjects young people are curious about including animals, colours and food. SIMA can also express emotions to the users-sadness or happiness.

The device, which recently reached its goal on Kickstarter, is built to be affordable but at the moment it is only avaiable in Spanish while its creators work on an English version.

With the money raised the developers will start manufacturing the first batch of 100 SIMAs. The will also order electronic components from a supplier in China, since they manufacture the body themselves.

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