Check mates

An outdoor art installation in the Japanese city of Osaka used the game of Checkers to create an enriched, interactive public space.

As part of an initiative to encourage the use of public space in the Japanese city of Osaka, architects TOFU, Vuji Tamai and the Kansai University Urban Design Lab created a temporary installation called “Osaka Board Game Park”.

Based along the waterfront, which is currently enjoying a transformation, the park serves as an art installation at the east entrance of the Nakanoshima Park.

Using the game of Checkers as inspiration, the project scaled the board game to various shapes and sizes and integrated it into the surrounding greenery.

Paper, cardboard, vinyl, cloth, stone, stainless steel and wood tile were some of the materials used for the installation. These materials are also relatively cheap, which helped to keep the cost of the project down.

The Checkers board also works a s playground where both adults and children can sit and climb on the structures.