Canvassing for African style

Canvas Concept is a new range of shoes, jewellery, hats and accessories that is bound to be at the top of any fashionista’s wishlist.

Canvas Concept is a showcase of colourful and high-quality local craftsmanship. Pamela Meyers is the name behind the concept and launched her first collection early in 2010. She attributes her inspiration to a reaction to mainstream “ready-to-wear” collections.

Currently based in Cape Town, her focus is on collaborations. Through Canvas Concept, Meyers brings together artists, artisans and craft workers from across Africa who create and inspire each collection through tribes, politics and the reality of an African aesthetic strongly influenced by a European aesthetic. Meyers is passionate about the African aesthetic and heritage with her collection embracing the ethnic and “transforming the curio into the concurrent”.

Her creative process always starts with a blank canvas, with the bareness highlighting the creative possibilities. Footwear was one of the main features in Meyers’s first collection. The Ndebele-inspired range takes it cue from traditional patterns and beadwork. Each pair of shoes were handmade in a limited edition with 25 different styles in the collection.