Buyers find Christmas gifts at annual SARCDA Retail Trade Exhibition

Every year the SARCDA Christmas Edition attracts thousands of trade buyers to fill their shelves with South African gifts, toys, décor and design.

In many areas buyers have shifted their shopping habits online but, when it comes to gifts, toys, décor and design items, shoppers often prefer to be able to see the exact size, colour and quality of an item. No surprise then that near to 17 500 trade buyers attend the SARCDA Christmas Edition – South Africa’s only gift, toy and décor trade exhibition – each year.

The SARCDA Christmas Edition features more than 20 000 square metres of exhibition space and showcases over 430 exhibitors. The exhibition takes place in August each year, in plenty of time to stock up for the festive shopping season.

SARCDA prides itself on keeping up to date with international trends; and making sure that buyers and exhibitors enjoy a world-class exhibition experience. The team regularly travels abroad to bring back the latest developments in the exhibition world and is praised by buyers for their own fresh look and feel.

“Over the past two years we’ve had an amazing response from buyers to the dedicated marketing campaigns we’ve run to attract new trade buyers to our exhibitions,” says Teresia Stander, Managing Director of SARCDA Exhibitions. At the heart of SARCDA’s success is the company’s verified database of bona fide retail trade buyers.

And, just when the shelves are bare after the post-Christmas sales, SARCDA International takes place in March each year. The ‘baby’ of the SARCDA stable puts on a formidable show in its own right; showcasing more than 230 exhibitors and attracting over 8000 buyers.