Buddy: The next generation smart wearable for dogs

Lighting, GPS tracking, health sensors, and home automation are all features in Squeaker’s new dog collar.

A new addition to the ever-expanding range of tech wearables for pets is expected to give owners an inside track on their pet’s health, location, temperature and more. Squeaker’s Buddy collar is a pet management system of sorts that allows dog owners to link their pet’s smart-collar to a smartphone which would notify them if their dog is hungry, cold or on the run.

It’s no secret that dogs are providers of unconditional love and are a huge responsibility. The smart collar incorporates illuminating LED lighting with cellular GPS tracking and activity monitoring to keep your bundle of fur visible and healthy.

According to the company, the collar would act as the owner’s eyes and ears while they’re away or at work. Its specialised features would make monitoring your pet a breeze, but it's also completely autonomous. This means that once you’ve set your preferences, you can put your phone down and spend quality time with your pet.

Buddy comes with fully customisable LED lighting so that your pet can have a lighting style that speaks to its unique personality. It is also equipped with a light sensor that turns the collar on and off as needed and adjusts the brightness automatically.

“Pet safety is paramount,” says Squeaker’s Fulvio Casumano. “That’s why keeping them visible at night is so important.”

The collar also connects to smart devices around the home including smart-locks, thermostats and lighting, allowing you to set the temperature or create safe zone areas for your pet around the house.

To get a clear picture of your dog’s health, Buddy’s integrated system determines how much food and exercise your dog needs to stay balanced.

After an unsuccessful initial Kickstarter campaign, Buddy will launch a new crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo in September.

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