Brazil's got the solar power tower

It might look like something that belongs to a futuristic movie, but it may well become a symbol of Brazil’s commitment to a sustainability.

Solar City Tower is a concept that has been proposed by Swiss architects RAFAA. This solar power plant would be built on one of the islands in Guanabara Bay. At 105m above sea level it will become one of the major features of the city.

The solar panels would be able to supply enough power to make the 2016 Olympic Games carbon neutral. Solar power will be produced during the day. At night, a pumped seawater storage system will generate power. The massive urban waterfall will be a special feature of the Solar City Tower that will be turned on for special occasions and symbolize the forces of nature.

The building is expected to be filled with restaurants, entertainment, balconies that serve as look-out points and a “glass sky walk” at the very top. There is even the possibility of bungee jumping from this structure.

The construction of Solar City Tower will recognise Brazil as an economy on the rise and a leader in highlighting the importance of sustainable development.