Binary numbers

Designer Eddie Opara creates a striking illustration, which expresses a digital concept in analogue form, for the December 2013 issue of "Wired" magazine.

Eddie Opara has created a striking digital design for Wired magazine’s December 2013 issue.

The December issue of Wired, No. 21.12, focuses on the power of technology to transform the world. Inspired by this idea, Pentagram’s Eddie Opara created an illustration for the issue that uses binary numbers—the 1s and 0s that are the building blocks of the digital age—as its theme.

Opara rendered the issue’s number in its binary configurations of 1s and 0s in order to represent the number in a way that is not overtly digital, so it appears in an analogue form of wooden pegs in round holes.

Along with the illustration that was created digitally, Opara created an animated version of the design in which the three-dimensional pegs advance and recede to form the numbers 21.12. 

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