A bikini that helps protect wearers from harmful UV

Spinali Design’s new bikini helps women monitor their sun exposure responsibly.

French company Spinali Design has created a bikini that will warn the wearer when they have been in the sun for too long via messages to their smart phone.

The bikini is kitted out with a UV sensor that monitors the time spent in the sun and the day’s temperature. Messages reminding the swimsuit wearer to apply sunscreen are then sent to the wearer through their mobile phone. There is even a Valentine’s Day function that will send messages to a wearer’s lover to remind him to apply her sunscreen.

Each Spinali bikini is custom-made to the wearer’s measurements and now includes the Spinali Design UV sensor and related mobile phone app. The material is Italian and the labour for the bikini and the sensor all happens in France.

We recently featured a doll created by Nivea in Brazil to help educate children about the dangers of UV, another smart device to help keep people safe in the sun.