Be happy

Here's a look at Stefan Sagmeister's renowned "The Happy Show" exhibition that he presented at the 2014 Design Indaba Conference.

How happy are you really? Renowned designer Stefan Sagmeister’s The Happy Show aims to bring to light the different levels of happiness and how people are able to determine if they are truly happy or not.

Blending typography and imagery in a striking, fresh, ambitious and often unsettling way, Sagmeister draws attention to the various stages of happiness. In The Happy Show, Sagmeister not only tests the boundaries between art and design but further transgresses it. The exhibition encompasses his ten-year exploration of happiness through video, print, infographics, sculpture and interactive installations, some of which have been custom-made. The various elements of the exhibition offer visitors the experience of walking into the designer’s consciousness as he attempts to increase his happiness.

At Design Indaba Conference 2014 much of Sagmeister’s presentation was focused on his exhibition The Happy Show and documentary The Happy Film. If you were not able to attend his talk, here is a visual tour of the exhibition. 

Watch the Talk with Thomas Heatherwick