Anna Raimondo’s latest collection – NOIR

Cape Town’s Anna Raimondo releases her latest range, NOIR, for her jewellery design company, Smith.

Anna Raimondo recently released her latest range of handcrafted jewellery, NOIR. The designs are heavily influenced by the classic cinematic and photographic styles of the 1940s and 1950s, evident in her clever manipulation and suggestion of chiaroscuro. Her pieces portray the image of a woman who is capable of being both strong and sexual, and who abides by the rules of simplicity and elegance.

NOIR is hand fashioned from oxidised silver, with details of black and white pearl. However, her previous collections cover a variety of interesting materials including hand smithed sterling silver, malachite beads and cast bronze gopher snake bones. All of her creations are handmade, ensuring that no two are the same. 

Raimondo’s work has previously been displayed at Design Indaba Expos, and has featured on our website.