Alcoho-Lock stops cyclists from riding drunk

This new Japanese-designed smart device hopes to alleviate the escalating problem of cyclists riding under the influence.

From the Series

Drunk cyclists riding under the influence has become an issue in Japan, inspiring Japanese bike maker KOOWHO to come up with Alcoho-Lock: a bicycle lock that doubles as a breathalyser. Considering how a drunk rider could be as dangerous as a drunk driver – and that there are no laws or government campaigns to bring awareness to the matter – the Alcoho-Lock is a product that will encourage cyclists to think more responsibly.

Alcoho-Lock is designed to sync with a smartphone via Bluetooth. When a cycler wants to unlock the device, he or she breathes into the small mouthpiece built into the lock and waits while the free compatible app runs an intoxication test. If the results reveal that the cycler is too drunk to ride, a message appears on the app warning the cycler against riding, before releasing the lock. At the same time, the app alerts a pre-registered friend or loved one of the user’s condition so that they may talk the user out of riding.

Alcoho-Lock is set for release later in 2015.