Air + Port

BIG Architects conceptualises an integrated transport superhighway for Greenland, as the country takes its place on the global economic map.

From the Series

Recently the far northern country of Greenland has surfaced in the spotlight of global political interest, thanks to its central position and underlying mineral resources.

This new political and economic interest necessitates better accessibility into and out of the country, which has led BIG Architects, in collaboration with Tegnestuen Nuuk, to create a new international airport for the city of Nuuk, the largest in Greenland.

Called “Air + Port”, BIG’s concept is centred around the merging of the airport and the harbour into a coherent transport hub. The project will benefit both the local commuters, as well as open Greenland to becoming more connected to the world.

Air + Port forms part of the Danish Pavilion at the 2012 Venice Biennale.

Says Bjarke Ingels of the project: “The new Air + Port will become a transit hub between Europe and America. By overlapping the water and airways in the Air + Port, we seek to resolve a domestic challenge with a global investment. A piece of global infrastructure with a positive social side effect – social infrastructure.”

Watch the Talk with Bjarke Ingels