A collection of visual delight! Posts from Christoph Niemann's "Abstract City" blog is now available in book form, plus exclusive new work.

From the Series

In a very simple, yet brilliant, way Christoph Niemann manages to capture the funny and sometimes bizarre aspects of everyday life.

From trying to get a good night’s sleep to dealing with appliance cables, his love-hate relationship with coffee and the issue of comfort on a economy class flight,  Niemann visually recreates these scenarios is various creative ways.

Since 2008 Niemann has been sharing his observations in a visual blog, titled “Abstract City” for the New York Times. And now a book, also titled Abstract City, presents 16 original posts from the blog, as well as a new, exclusively created, chapter.

Abstract City is published by Abrams Books and guarantees a delightful flight of visual fantasy.

Design Indaba spoke to Niemann about his work at AGI Open 2011 in Barcelona.


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