20 years of democracy according to Zapiro

Scathing satirical cartoonist Zapiro releases a new book that journeys through twenty years of South Africa's democracy in cartoons.

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Love him or loath him - One of South Africa's best-known satirical cartoonists, Zapiro has just released a new title Democrazy: SA's Twenty-Year Trip.

The compilation records the extraordinary South African journey over the past two decades since the landmark election of 1994 through the eyes and sketch pen of Jonathan Shapiro. 

Zapiro has won many awards for his work capturing the intensity and the absurdity of South African political and social life. Democrazy represents his ‘greatest hits’ collection from Mandela to Zuma – from Amandla to Nkandla and everything in between. It is a brutally funny record of a momentous and historic time.

The 160-page paperback, with additional text by Mike Wills, will retail for R225 and is published by Jacana Media. The official launch will take place on 3 June 2014, at the Cape Town City Hall. 

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