The “Proef” is in the pudding

And not just the pudding… The beautifully designed food and festive ambiance at the new Proef restaurant will have you trying everything.

Proef is the catering company of eating designer Marije Vogelzang. And as of 17 June 2010 Proef can be experienced as a restaurant in Amsterdam.

As children we’re taught not to play with our food, but almost a decade now, that is exactly what Vogelzang has been doing. Known for her edible installations and creative presentations of food that includes meals made only of ingredients grown in the dark to funeral dinners comprising only food that’s been coloured white, she works to bring out the fun and creative elements of food.

Apart from the gloriously crafted food, Proef’s ambience is what really adds to the pleasure of dining. Guests have a number of options for where they can enjoy their beautifully designed food. One can take a blanket and head into the veggie garden for a family picnic or get cosy by the fireplace when it’s chilly, wander through the park and stop for a chat with the chickens.  Or enjoy the good food and company around the table. Proef is available for functions from business dinners to weddings and birthday parties. All the food is made using only organic, local and seasonal produce.

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