Your Street Live Challenge runner-up Eduvator

Eduvator is a crowdsourcing platform that encourages citizens to make a small contribution that will lead to a big change.

Part of the Project

The runner-up prize in the Your Street Live Challenge was awarded to Eduvator, a crowdsourcing platform that is taking social projects to the next level by incorporating design into solving social challenges.

Eduvator, founded by Batandwa Alperstein, allows ordinary citizens who are concerned about the future of South Africa to make contributions that lead to big changes.

The main aim of the platform is to implement a solution for the lack of basic infrastructure in high-potential rural schools, ultimately enabling and empowering learners through education.

The platform gives the public an opportunity to give gifts of hope by contributing a small amount, whether through money, time or expertise to make a positive change, says Alperstein.

The pilot project will see Eduvator providing a space for pupils of Pituma Junior Secondary school in the Eastern Cape, who won the National Choir Competition, to rehearse, perform and practise. “We hope the space will further be used as a multipurpose hall for the community to gather, socialise and create a more vibrant town spirit,” adds Alperstein.

Eduvator wants to see the problems and challenges in society as an opportunity, using design to transform and improve people’s lives.

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