Your Street Gauteng winner Twist Street

A public seating concept proposes to bring the magic of theatre and dance to passers-by.

Part of the Project

Winners in the Gauteng iteration of the Your Street Challenge Jason Frenkel and Tom Chapman plan to install theatre-like seating on the street opposite a dance studio in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. The seating will be positioned such that the public can get a glimpse into the dance studio of the Hillbrow Theatre.

The idea is that the public seating concept allows the public to engage with what’s going on inside the building from the vantage point of the seating structure.

Frenkel and Bahmann explain that they selected this particular location for their proposal because of the mix of activities that happen at this spot in the city. 

Offering a new way of utilising public space, Twist Street is about creating opportunities and spaces for engagement within the city.