#Anotherlightup – a timelapse

Layered realities: "The Harvest" by Faith47 and Thingking is an interactive street art piece that connects people across social, spatial and digital divides.

Part of the Project

Design Indaba Trust, Faith47 and Thingking have teamed up to create a mural that seeks to create a community level change through the duality of art-based social impact.

In Monwabisi Park, Khayelitsha the lived reality of more than 25 000 people are that they are very likely to be the victim of a violent crime, even loose their lives, for walking to the toilet or communal tap at night. In informal settlements there is a direct correlation between light and safety.

The #ANOTHERLIGHTUP project aims to raise funds for streetlights to light up a 700m pathway between public taps and other better lit areas. Installing lights is one impactful move towards creating a safer space for the local residents of Monwabisi Park.

The mural, entitled 'The Harvest', is located in District Six next to De Waal Drive. Faith47 chose an image that represents the feminine spirit that is nurturing and life giving, bearing crops – a symbol of fertility and abundance. The background is subtly adorned with sacred geometry; the Flower of Life gives shape to a golden tapestry radiating from her umbilical centre.

The multi-storey artwork has a visual feedback loop for those who view it; the wall lights up at night each time enough money is raised for one new light to be installed on a pathway in Monwabisi Park, Khayelitsha through the organisation VPUU (Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading).

This video by Rowan Pybus of Makhulu shows the installation of the mural.