Last chance to enter the Your Street Challenge

Send us your ideas for improving a street-level experience in Gauteng or KwaZulu-Natal.

There’s no doubt that Desing Indaba Conference and Expo 2012 left you feeling  inspired and ready to share your creative proposals for how an aspect of your city’s street life can be enhanced through the power of design. 

 Owning, loving and improving your street is where the Your Street Challenge is at, and remember, you actually have to live or work in Gauteng or KwaZulu-Natal to share your brilliant idea for improving a street-level experience in one of these provinces.

Here’s a quick reminder of the Your Street Challenge criteria:

Proposals will be judged on the following six cornerstones of design for social change:

  1. Generosity: How many people other than you does your design solution effect positively?
  2. International excellence and innovation: Does your design solution stand up to and trump similar world-class ideas? Is it new, original and forward-thinking?
  3. Feasibility: How do you propose to allocate the prize money
  4. Fun: How much pleasure, enjoyment, beauty and smiles do your design solution inspire
  5. Do: Can and will the design solution actually be executed?
  6. A better world through creativity: How does your design solution make the world better and further inspire other people to make the world even better?

Click here to enter the Your Street Challenge.

For more information, please contact the Design Indaba office on 021 465 9966 or email