Charles and Ray Eames at the Design Indaba Film Festival

Just short of having Ray and Charles Eames at Design Indaba in person, their grandson will pay tribute at Design indaba Film Festival.

Seven decades ago, Charles and Ray Eames met, got married and became one of the most renowned duos of modern design. Their influence saturated a number of design fields that included industrial design, furniture design, art, graphic design, film and architecture.

While we at Design Indaba may not be able to have these design greats in person, we have the privilege of having got quite close by welcoming Eames Demetrios to the Design Indaba Conference and Design Indaba Film Festival.

Demetrios is the grandson of Charles and Ray Eames and from an early age had an interest in film, which had him seeing over 500 movies in his senior year in high school. Since then he has made over 20 films and videos and today is the principal in the Eames Office, which is dedicated to communicating, preserving and extending the work of his grandparents.

The Design Indaba Film Festival, which is running from 19 February to 4 March, will be showcasing a number of films by Charles and Ray Eames. The films are a trip back in time to the days when these great modern designers began exacting their influence on design and in doing so, changing the face of the creative industry. They document their approach to design as well as an in-depth look into the development of some of the their most iconic projects.

Demetrios will also be showing his own films, many taking a look at the processes behind design in the present day as well as from the time of his grandparents. The Design Indaba Film Festival gives its viewers a chance to look at how these modern innovators shifted the direction of design and the possibilities that the world of design holds today.

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The Ray and Charles Eames films on the festival.
The Eames Demetrios films on the festival.

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