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Filter Caps transform a bottle cap into a complete water filtration station.

Developed to address the lack of clean and safe drinking water in remote areas in Colombia - a condition made worse by the current drought there - Filter Caps make clean drinking water available on-the-go.


In Colombia, about 3,7 million people lack access to clean and safe drinking water, a situation worsened by a devastating drought as the El Niño climate phenomenon pushes reservoir levels to their lowest point in decades. Many of these people live in remote areas where they endure extreme heat, and the limited water available is often contaminated, leading to thousands of deaths annually.


Scientific company Filsa Water partnered with Ogilvy Colombia, Baylor International, and the Colombian Red Cross to generate a universal tool with the capacity to filter water easily and effectively. Together, these companies developed a 3D printed device that allows water to be purified as it flows through it, increasing the pH, adding hydrogen, reducing impurities by 70%, and eliminating 90% of heavy metals.


The simplicity and effectiveness of Filter Caps make it a vital tool in humanitarian efforts and disaster relief situations. Its lightweight - just 28 grams - and compact design allows for easy transportation and distribution, ensuring even the most remote and underserved populations can benefit from clean water.


For its production, the design team utilised 3D additive technology composed of a mix of minerals, metals, and natural extracts, making it accessible, affordable, cost-effective - and capable of reclaiming more than 300 000 litres of water in just two months. Designed to be environmentally responsible, the water filtration system also promotes the reuse of plastic bottles, while its casing is 3D printed from cornstarch-based resin and can be composted after use. Focused on generating a universal design, the Filter Caps have been developed with the universal PCO 28mm thread, which fits any type of bottle.


Currently, Filter Caps is assisting various communities in Colombia, but it has the potential to become a true global change agent. Not only does it improve the quality of life for millions of people, but it can also provide crucial solutions in armed conflicts or natural disasters.



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