Focus On: Designers on happiness

Public artist Andrew Shoben, graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister and industrial designer Shunji Yamanaka are all in pursuit of happiness through design.

Andrew Shoben on public artworks that increase Gross Domestic Happiness

For Andrew Shoben public art is about so much more than the “bronze guy on a horse holding a sword”. With greyworld Shoben creates urban installation, often interactive, that are a lot of fun. From creating a suspended 2.5-tonne sun in Trafalgar Square to tuning street railings so that they play a tune when you run a stick along them, Shoben ultimately uses his work to increase people's "Gross Domestic Happiness".

Stefan Sagmeister on The Happy Film

Stefan Sagmeister talks to Design Indaba about his self-experimental film on happiness, The Happy Film. 

Stefan Sagmeister tells of the journey that led him to making The Happy Film, a self-initiated project that considers happiness. He talks about the challenges of documentary filmmaking and how he experienced the process. Sagmeister also talks about boredom and replicablitity in graphic design and wonders if all of human kind get tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

Shunji Yamanaka on designing to make people happy

Award-winning industrial designer Shunji Yamanaka believes that the conflict between the scientist and artist inside him gives rise to groundbreaking ideas and designs. Yamanaka discloses, "The moment design happens is a result of the intricate madness of art meeting the guided rationality of science." Here he speaks about various robots he has created including the Ephyra, seen as a mechanical artwork and the Halluc II, an experiment into how cars could move in the future.