Y Tsai: Moyo Souk & Restaurant, V&A Waterfront

Y Tsai takes us on a tour of the Moyo Souk & Restaurant in Cape Town, which he designed.

The Moyo Souk & Restaurant at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town is not just another African-themed restaurant.

Rather it is a space that considers food in the urban environment, explains architect Y Tsai who was responsible for the design of the restaurant. Seamlessly combining restaurant and market elements, with an urban farm of site, Moyo tells the story of food in its full spectrum.

From the growing of the food, to preparing it for restaurant patrons to treating the waste, every aspect of the food cycle is considered at Moyo, underpinned by the ethos of sustainability.

Tsai explains that the “food tech stuff” is brought to front of house as aesthetically pleasing elements. For example, the Aquaponic system forms a green wall, which is a key feature inside the restaurant. The Aquaponics form a system whereby plant and fish nutrients are able to supplement each other.

Through a low maintenance ecosystem the story of food is demonstrated to patrons, while raising awareness about organic food sourcing. The treatment of food waste is a key concern at Moyo, where the coffee waste, for example, is used as fertilizer for growing mushrooms.