Winy Maas on the future of cities

In case you’ve ever wondered how architecture combined with engineering and design can impact the future of cities.

“Innovation is the key to life,” said Winy Maas, “…if you are not willing to innovate, one loses the idea of futurism or curiosity. Curiosity is the drive to innovation.”

Is it possible for us to expand on urban settings without consuming space and possibly overcrowding our cities even further? With skyscrapers taking over cities, one wouldn’t see a very promising future for our cities. Maas, the Dutch landscape architect, has established an innovative project in his research on the future of cities with MVRDV and The Why Factory. He suggests that rather than constructing new buildings all the time, we should alternatively modify them from within. This way, the improvement of the quality of cities has a chance to better our space and our planet

As the future of cities is a collaborative work, Winy said, “I find it so stupid that so many of our universities, most of the departments are so separated; you don’t talk with a chemical engineer or a biochemical engineer…while those are the guys and girls that make the future,” thus encouraging shared projects. Owing to this, shared projects have to be encouraged more. “This would result in making the innovative sector stronger, visible and applicable.”

In his latest project with The Why Factory called the Wego Project, Winy alongside TU Delft students developed a custom-made housing game tool to simplify and envision the features of architecture and design that comes alive.

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