Wacom Creatives: Illustrator Caroline Vos talks creativity, inspiration and artistic expression

How do digital artists bring their creativity to life? We ask some seasoned illustrators.

From the Series

In this new series, Design Indaba has partnered with Wacom to give our readers a glimpse into the creative processes of premiere artists and illustrators. Over the next few months, we'll be featuring a host of fascinating creative personalities - including Andrew Rae, MissLed, Guy Shield and Alberto Montt - all of whom use Wacom's selection of professional artist tools to create their striking works. First up is Cape Town-based illustrator, Caroline Vos.

Vos has developed an impressively extensive and varied portfolio, working for big-name clients including Ogilvy, MTN and the BBC, as well as Heroes for Africa, South Africa’s first comic book company. While still pursuing commissioned work, Vos has become less interested in creating images to fill a brief. She’s now focussing more on personal projects that fulfil her creatively and refine her artistic style - a process that she found has been greatly enabled by Wacom's range of creative tools.

Using her Wacom MobileStudio Pro, Vos creates intricate linework and sketches that are then filled in digitally or by hand. Speeding up the process and aiding in the visual construction of her stories, it’s the ideal tool for Vos’ latest project, which sees her sketching digitally before reverting to traditional oil painting methods.

From a series of anthropomorphic animal portraits titled ‘Slowpokes’ to highly detailed artworks that utilise watercolour styles, Vos' character design and overall illustration style boast an enthusiasm, inspired by what she sees as the illustration community’s sense of sharing and encouragement. Here she talks to us about how her work has evolved, her creative freedom, and what creativity means to her.

Conceived as a monthly series, make sure to keep an eye out for our next instalment of Wacom Creatives.

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