Triggerfish: Adventures in Zambezia behind the scenes

Take a look behind the scenes of Adventures in Zambezia, South Africa's first feature-length animation film.
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Adventures in Zambezia is the first feature-length animation film made in South Africa. Created by Triggerfish, a Cape Town-based media and entertainment company. Adventures in Zambezia tells the story of Kai, a young falcon who leaves the nest, so to speak, and makes his way to the famed bird city of Zambezia.

We chatted to some of the creative minds behind the film, Triggerfish CEO Stuart Forrest, director Anthony Silverston and visual supervisor Karen Botha.

Triggerfish reveals that it took six years to make. The theme of “Ubuntu” is a golden thread that runs through the film.

Adventures in Zambezia debuts in South Africa on 28 December 2012, but has already been very well received in other parts of the world.

"Our aim was to compete with Pixar, DreamWorks and Disney," says Silverston, "because that's what the audiences know."

"It's been dubbed into 15 languages so far," says Forrest.