Shubhankar Ray: Brand DNA and unexpected combinations

G-Star RAW recently hosted their first RAW Night in Cape Town, South Africa. Design Indaba chats to G-Star global brand director Shubhankar Ray.
Posted 16 Jan 14 By Design Indaba Duration: 00:07:40 Fashion & Jewellery Design Interviews / Video Interviews Comments

International denim brand G-Star RAW hosted their first RAW Night in Cape Town, South Africa recently. Cape Town joined an exclusive line-up of cities such as Tokyo, London, New York and LA, where G-Star celebrated previous RAW Nights.

RAW Nights bring G-Star’s core DNA to life, presenting cutting-edge talents from across the creative world in intimate and surprising locations. In Cape Town the audience directly experienced the concept of ‘unexpected combinations’ that underpins G-Star’s clothing collections, as well as its various projects and collaborations, including fashion shows, RAW Crossovers and global campaigns.

Heading up the global brand machine is Shubhankar Ray, whose job entails finding new ways to communicate the brand; of translating the DNA of the brand into something that is understandable and visualised for the audience. 

You've got to find ways of dramatising the brand. This is always based on the product foundation, which needs to be very robust, of high quality and constant innovation. It becomes important to have a cultural universe around this foundation so there are various external signals that relate back to a brand's DNA. G-Star RAW's cultural universe is built around unexpected combinations of things that in turn creates a stimulation in consumer culture, Ray explains.