Mr Fuzzy Slipperz interview by Rio Allen

Filmmaker Rio Allen interviews artist Mr Fuzzy Slipperz for his Design Indaba 2011 Film Crew contribution.

A Fuzzymentary was shot in three hours in-and-around Woodstock Industria in Cape Town on a Friday afternoon. Looking to the work (and play) of local artist Mr Fuzzy Slipperz, A Fuzzymentary is also the result of just hanging out and having a laugh. Allen shot with a Canon 5D, making use of an old 60s Pentax 1.450mm lens and occasionally a Sigma 1.8.14mm. The final edit was tight and cut together to the music of local musician Card on Spokes.

A Fuzzymentary was Allen’s submission for the Design Indaba 2011 Film Crew selection. Allen is an AFDA graduate and writer and director for CAB Films. In 2007 Allen had two entries in the top 10 selection of the Vuka Awards and in 2009 his film Service Pistol was nominated as best film in the South African Film and Television Awards. Allen also has a strong online presence on his blog at