Julien Vallée: Art in motion (Part 2)

The cofounder of animation studio Vallée Duhamel talks us through a surreal personal project about a girl dressed in yellow.

After introducing you to the work and ethos of Canadian graphic designer Julien Vallée in Part 1 of this interview, we now take a look at Vallée Duhamel’s curious, colourful work.

A very short film is a personal project, completed by Vallée Duhamel two years ago. It is the journey of a girl dressed in yellow through a surreal sort of world, where someone shovels snow out of the windows of their home and blue skirts turn into waterfalls.

Vallée admits that there is always a certain amount of improvisation during their shoots; a hazard (perhaps) of working with so many hand-crafted elements.

“There is always something going wrong on set and sometimes we are stressed by time, so we have to deal with the fact that this is what we have and how can we change the story a bit to make it work.”

For the founders of Vallée Duhamel – who accept clients based on who they think will fit their personal approach to work – advertising must do more than show a brand or product: it must create a memorable experience for the viewer, or even better – create a feeling.

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