Iwan Baan: Looking at architecture through a photographer's lens

Architectural photographer, Iwan Baan talks about a trip to Chicago and how he goes about capturing the essence and energy of the city and its architecture.

Dutch architectural photographer Iwan Baan was invited by the inaugural Chicago architecture Biennial to create a series that looks at Chicago, a city very much known for its architecture, in a new way. 

“In the series actually I stayed a little bit away from architecture actually,” says Baan. “It is also looking at the city; at the infrastructure, at the public spaces, at what people do in the city, what happens around the city.”

Baan often works with architects who invite him to photograph their new urban builds. His real talent is looking at how that building becomes part of the city fabric and interacts with the urban landscape around it. 

Baan is also interested in how people take over the landscape with buildings, even in rural place, where people use specific materials and vernacular methods to create architecture.