Hattie Newman: Creator of paper worlds

London-based set designer and paper artist Hattie Newman is in love with tactile things.

"I've always loved tactile things and I’ve never been good on a computer. I love making things, craft, and kind of infecting my personality through a material and paper has always just come naturally to me," says set designer and artist Hattie Newman.

From her studio in London, Newman creates whole other worlds out of multicoloured paper. Her kaleidoscopic palette is reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film, and her 3D images are bold and playful. She is a specialist in the art of papercraft.

"I just think paper is so versatile. I mean I remember making little paper lanterns with my mum when I was a little girl and she had done the same with her mum. So it’s definitely something nostalgic about it. You know it was cheap and accessible when I was a student and I’ve just been working with it for so long now it’s kind of become part of my work," she says.