Gloria Wavamunno: Fashion that responds to the surroundings

Ugandan designer Gloria Wavamunno draws from her environment to create local fashion with international appeal.

From an early age, Ugandan fashion designer Gloria Wavamunno received an education in textiles and tailoring by learning from her family’s garment construction factory. Only later on, after studying fashion abroad did she come to see the craft of tailoring as a design practice for creative expression. In her ready-to-wear womenswear line, Wavamunno draws from her experiences and environment to construct unique fashion items with a focus on quality fabric and tailoring.

In this video interview, Wavamunno explains how her designs are significantly shaped by Uganda’s social, economic and climatic factors as well as her personal experiences and relationships. These external influences have an impact on every element of her process from the fabric she chooses and the seasonality of her ranges to the intricate details in each design and the durability of her textiles.

Wavamunno is also an advocate of conscious shopping: “I don’t believe that you should just consume everything. I think you should consume something of quality so that it lasts.”

From her perspective as a designer developing a brand in Uganda, Wavamunno observes that the country’s fashion industry still has a long way to go. Working in an environment that lacks fashion schools and related institutions presents many challenges for budding entrepreneurs and aspiring designers.