Geoffrey Lillemon at Dutch Design Week

Geoffrey Lillemon likes to have a persona to identify with when designing art with a three-dimensional effect.

Digital artist Geoffrey Lillemon believes that new interfaces can be created to experience art in a more interactive and profound way. Lillemon merges the romantic side of classical art ideas with advances in technology to bring about a new medium in approaching art. At Dutch Design Week 2012, Lillemon speaks about some of his latest projects, such as “Mormor Ingrid”. The project is essentially a contemporary sculpture that is made out of photography. Lillemon takes inspiration from doing things in a completely new way to ensure a new direction in each of his designs.

Geoffrey Lillemon’s work at Dutch Design Week 2012 formed part on an initiative by the FILM+DESIGN Foundation, curated by Marijke de Bie.

FILM + DESIGN is devoted to design, fashion, film and fine art, working to educate people about the possibilities of film and design. It is about how two disciplines work together to present the full design experience, with a new and exciting twist.