Chat with Lauren Beukes

Ever wanted to pick the brain of South Africa’s most acclaimed young writer? Here’s your chance.

From the second she understood that a job wherein she could be paid for making up stories existed, Lauren Beukes was sold. Today, she is the acclaimed author behind novels like MoxyLand, Zoo City, The Shining Girls, and Broken Monsters.

Born in Johannesburg, the former-journalist’s work is heavily influenced by her South African environment and has garnered her a vast array of awards including the Arthur C Clarke Award, the prestigious University of Johannesburg prize, the August Derleth Prize, the Strand Critics Choice Award and the RT Thriller of the Year. Her genre-defying works incorporate aspects of sci-fi, horror, and more, and envelopes her readers in spellbinding worlds that even the legendary Stephen King and George R. R. Martin have confessed to being fans of.

In this exclusive, interactive video, we hand the reigns over to you – the viewer – and offer you the chance to interview one of the country’s most celebrated literary talents.