bluecollar whitecollar interview by Jolynn Minnaar

Filmmaker Jolynn Minnaar takes a peak into the workings of bluecollarwhitecollar for her Design Indaba 2011 Film Crew submission.

With her video about bluecollarwhitecollar, Jolynn Minnaar wanted to do justice to the fine tailoring that characterises this label, as well as capture the quality precision of the bright, bold and beautiful pieces. Close-ups of the garment details and fabrics were combined with shots of customers to achieve a smooth flow, with a jazzy track from the Andrew Sisters playing in the background. Minnnaar shot on a Canon 5dii with high-speed sequences courtesy of Zootee Promotions, shot on the Red One camera.

The film was Minnaar’s submission for the Design Indaba 2011 Film Crew selection. Minnaar is an AFDA and UCT film media production graduate. She works as a digital image technician and as a director of photography assistant, making videos for local bands Locnville and Jax Panik.