Biografica: Don't fear failure

Spanish design studio Biografica create motion graphics and editorial design using paper cutouts, clay, play doh and other real objects.

Madrid-based design studio Biografica focuses on using handmade processes in their motion and editorial designs. Working with paper, clay, wood and real objects, the designers at the studio believe that the process of creating – and the problems, mistakes and constraints you face along the way – brings about all sorts of changes in direction. The end result has a particular quality that computer generated design cannot imitate. 

Often two designers at Biografica with different skills will work together on a project: a graphic designer with a good understanding of shape and colour will work with an animator who has a more developed sense of time. The biggest problem the designers at Biografica have is their own curiosity: they hardly ever work on the same thing with the same materials twice. 

Experimentation is at the core of the studio. Do not fear failure, for it is in trying new things that great ideas are found.