Assemble: The DIY architecture collective

London-based collective Assemble have members with diverse skills and take on practical projects from furniture to civic spaces and public theatre.

Assemble, a collective of 18 members including artists and architects, was founded in 2010. They are based in Sugarhouse Studios in London and work across the fields of art, design and architecture to create projects in collaboration with the communities who use and inhabit the spaces. Their architectural installations and environments call for direct interaction and engagement, and often require a fair amount of DIY and inventiveness. 

“It [the founding of Assemble] grew out of a desire to revisit the ways we’d learnt to work at architecture school,” working in a less academic and instead more hands on and practical way.

To learn more about Assemble and their Turner Prize-winning project Granby Four Streets, watch their full Design Indaba Conference Talk.

“In many ways the Cineroleum was like going back to school. It was like a completely different learning environment for all of us and we got a huge amount out of it,” says Binning. 

The members of Assemble have very diverse skills, one with a background in literature and theatre, others with backgrounds in sculpture and design. They have a diverse set of skills and interests, which enables them to take on projects that are broad scope and ambition.

Watch the Talk with Assemble