Your Street Live Barrack Lane

Barrack Lane, the winning proposal in the Your Street Live challenge, is an idea to turn a forgotten lane in Cape Town into a dynamic space.

Part of the Project

“Barrack Lane” is the winning proposal in the Your Street Live competition. The team – Gareth Pearson, Danielle Ehrlich and Alexandra Jongens – want to turn Barrack Lane in Cape Town into a pedestrian-friendly space that is conducive to various public interactions.

Furthermore, the trio envision it as a space where especially food entrepreneurs can test their ideas. They plan to add infrastructure to the space, which would allow it to work harder for the community. Additions like a proper entrance, light, greenery and seating are some of the features that help to bring the space to life.

Pearson, Ehrlich and Jongens see this as a space in which local entrepreneurs can test their skill, while it also offers various skill-leveraging opportunities for designers.

Ultimately, Barrack Lane is a step in building the creative economy of this particular area of Cape Town. The trio hope that this initiative will serve as a pilot project of sorts, for more city interventions.