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In May 2013, eNCA officially entered the online space with the launch of eNCA.com.

eNCA knew it would be up against some entrenched and established competitors. But its heritage as South Africa’s leading 24-hour TV news broadcaster meant it could offer something others couldn’t: a video-rich news experience featuring unique, multimedia content designed for the rapidly approaching broadband era.

And in an age of second-screening, in which viewers are never far from their phone or tablet, TV and online are naturally complementary media.

The platform also knew that it had fantastic platforms to promote the new online channel:

  • eNCA, the leading news channel on DStv;
  • e.tv’s multi-lingual, free-to-air Prime Time bulletins;
  • and the eNuus Afrikaans news offering on Kyknet.

So, knowing that an ordinary news site would not make the grade, it set about creating an extraordinary one.

Traffic growth was unprecedented. Within a year of its debut, eNCA.com was among the top ten South African news sites, and in November 2014 it attracted almost 700 000 South African unique browsers and 870 000 total unique browsers.

This excludes more than 100 000 active app users on Android and iOS platforms and upwards of half a million followers across Twitter and Facebook. The eNCA Twitter handle beat out every other South African media organisation to become the country’s third most mentioned during 2014.

Its users are young, highly educated and represent the ambitions and aspirations of a post 1993 South Africa. And what’s more, 74% of them do not regularly use any other online news channel.

As a content business, eNCA believes that the best is yet to come. It has assembled a team of content specialists whose intimate knowledge of video and multimedia storytelling is matched by a keen understanding of how best to integrate social media and user-generated content into the message – whether this be the message of a breaking news story or the story of a brand.

eNCA.com is ready to explore native and content-marketing campaigns that will help define a new era of media, advertising and brand-building.

eNCA invites you to partner with them.

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