Design Indaba 2010

The 2010 Design Indaba was far more than simply a Conference and Expo, generating a multi-platform creative festival throughout Cape Town.

A "creative world cup", Design Indaba is a “glocal” event, where the local superstars meet the global all stars. Celebrating creativity in all disciplines, Design Indaba welcomes an eclectic mix of people who are at the top of their respective professions. While providing a South African hub for design education, it's not just the creative community talking to each other, but a place where people from all sectors meet to talk, share ideas and generate business. The atmosphere is infectiously inspirational and lot of fun. It takes the pulse of what people are doing in the world right now and makes sense of that.

Design Indaba is not about ivory tower, blueprint, academic-type projects, it's very real with  a very real socio-economic impact to get people to understand the importance of design. Because design can change the world for the better.

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