Would you chew on meat flavoured gum?

This is one of the meat related questions served up by a temporary conceptual butcher in The Netherlands.

From the Series

The CowGum is just one of the creative ways the temporary Slagerij de Hamvraag is drawing attention to the opening of their pop-up butchery in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Slagerij de Hamvraag is a conceptual butcher that doesn’t serve meat, but instead puts meat questions on the menu.

CowGum is a symbolic way to the address the meat issue.

Should we chew on our meat as mindless as we chew on a piece of gum? Isn’t it ridiculous that we eat so much meat, sometimes even three times a day, while the impact on animals, humans and the environment is becoming more visible every day? 

CowGum is specially made for Slagerij de Hamvraag in a limited edition (around 2000 units) by Curiosity Kitchen. It’s a chewing gum with meat flavor, but without any animal ingredients.

Unfortunately CowGum is not for sale. But the anyone in Den Bosch over the next couple of days can pop into Slagerij de Hamvraag and try one.

The team behind CowGum and Slagerij de Hamvraag consist of all kinds of people: designers, activists, creatives, product developers and policy makers. Everyone involved works for organisations that focus on bettering the food system or creating innovation in the Agri-food sector.