Wacom Creatives: Guy Shield on using the presence of light in illustration

The Australian creative takes us through his creative process.

From the Series

We’re living in a luxury era when it comes to technology, says Melbourne-based illustrator Guy Shield. Using a mixture of Wacom products and traditional drawing, Shield creates work that focuses on the presence of light and the sense of warmth it brings.

Shield is a self-proclaimed tech-head at heart who works from a small studio above an ice cream shop in Fitzroy. He says that he has always had a passion for drawing from the moment he could hold a crayon.

“There is something beautiful in the most mundane of situations. It is a real thrill for me to find a way to translate that into an interesting composition”. 

Playing around with colour and pen pressure allows him to use light in his compositions, directing the viewer’s line of sight and centre of perspective.

Shield’s style features graphic novel inspired undertones with a touch of fine art finishes distinctively characterised with colour and depth. Shield has created cover illustrations for renowned magazines including “Kill Your Darlings”.