Take a look at SAM, the machine that makes and sells its own cola

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Marie Caye presents a contrarian view to the ever-present notion that creativity should be human-centric.
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Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Marie Caye presented her innovative research project on post-humanism at the first antenna event. Together with designer Arvid Jense, Caye rethinks the design world’s fixation with improving life for man exclusively, proposing a more embracing view of other animals.

Caye believes designers should take a more inclusive view with regard to the perspective of other lifeforms on Earth. Using the phrase “designing for non-humans”, Caye and her colleagues designed a musical instrument for pigs in order to investigate curiosity and signs of culture between them.

Fueling their venture is the attitude that creative people not only need concise data from scientific papers, but also the empirical experience and real perspective of those they are trying to design for.