StelooLive: An experimental, electronic soundscape in Accra

In this live mix of fashion, art and sound, Accra-based trail-blazer Dj Steloo creates an experimental soundscape using glass, spoons and cans as instruments.

The above clip is from the first-ever concert in the city of Accra curated by celebrated Ghanaian artist Nana Anoff and fashion Dj Steloo. Steloolive (Steloo's performance name) staged a live set and sound-art performance to a few selected people and asked that everyone put away their phones to fully immerse themselves in the immediacy of the experience. A trend-setting African electronic music Dj, Steloo created an artistic and experimental sensory assault, exploring new ways of building engaging and interactive soundscapes.

During the set, Steloo performs with household items and other 'instruments' including glass jars, spoons, empty cans, water and scrap metals, overlapping the noises of cymbal crashes, electronic soft-synths, local traditional xylophone and Conga beats. The sounds were both organic and electronic. 

As a fashion artist, Steloo lived up to his name and wore an elaborate costume in the form of a cloak by Oscar William Haute Couture and a neckpiece made of part of a woven basket. This was Oscar William's first major showcase and the embroidery on the cloak is reminiscent of electronic circuit boards, complimenting Steloo's experimental, artistic performance art.

Blazing the trail in house music on the continent, Steloo mixes contemporary electronic music with traditional beats. Accra's most fashionable sound artist DJ Steloo is on a mission to rewrite the African story on music and fashion by daring to be distinct. His pioneering sound is reinforced by his individual look. 

He is well-known in Accra's music and creative scene and has performed several times in the city's biggest street art festival, Chale Wote; and also in Nairobi at the 2manysinlings Thrift Social; Abidjan's Electropique; the 2015 We Don't contemporary festival in Hamburg, Germany; Afropean Mimicry and Mockery III in Frankfurk, Germany; Iwalewahaus – Future Ports Of Entry Festival in Bayreuth, Germany in 2016. 

All images by Ofoe Amgevie.