Scribble is a touch-activated joystick for semi-autonomous driving

Currently there is no middle ground between the car taking the wheel or its driver, this is where Scribble comes in.
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An autonomous car is described as one that can guide itself without human participation. But can we and more still, should we give up that level of control. Cognitive designer Felix Ros says we may not have to.

An Eindhoven University of Technology graduate, Ros is focussed on the future of mobility while drawing inspiration from an ancient mode of transport, the horse.

Horses are autonomous, they can find their way home, but stiffen the reigns and you’ll be able to tell it exactly where to go.

Ros used this concept to create Scribble, a touch-activated joystick in a semi-autonomous vehicle that allows the person to interact with the vehicle in a more collaborative way.

The fully autonomous vehicle makes split second decisions based on its sensors and information that is already known. Scribble, a touch-based interface, allows the user to personalise this experience.

For example, it would allow the user to plot the route of the semi-autonomous car even if that route is yet to be explored and recorded on any map.

This drawing-based mobility is not driving nor is it the same as being chauffeured around, it’s something in the middle.

Ros presented his project at the second antenna conference at Dutch Design Week in October. Conceptualised and curated by Design Indaba, antenna brings together 20 of the world’s finest design graduates to one stage.

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