Psychedelic drugs, paranoia and insecurity are key in this animation

This Unknown Mortal Orchestra music video is an animation following two lovers embroiled in the nasty side effects of dating.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s animated music video for “Necessary Evil”, a track from their latest album Multi-Love, explores the pitfalls of dating and falliing in love. 

The Portland, New Zealand band used Los Angeles-based director Sean Solomon to create visuals to echo the feeling of their psychedelic rock sound. The result is simple, pastel-coloured, cute visuals, which are totally undercut by dark themes such as impossible love, insecurity, paranoia and drug (ab)use.

“The video is an abstract love story about two characters whose insecurities and paranoia eventually drive them apart,” Solomon explains in a statement. “I tried to show both character’s perspectives using elements from the lyrics.”

The animation is the product of a team effort by Kirby Allen, Rachel Paek, Mark Ingram, Meghan Tryon, and Sarah Schmidt.