Preview of "Refuse the Hour"

Here's a preview of the magical performance "Refuse The Hour" by William Kentridge, Philip Miller, Dada Masilo, Catherine Meyburgh and Peter Galison.

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Refuse the Hour is an immersive chamber opera that makes its South African debut as part of the 2015 Design Indaba Festival.

From 26 to 27 February 2015 the Cape Town City Hall auditorium will become the backdrop to the South African premiere of William Kentridge’s multimedia performance Refuse the Hour.

Described as “an aesthetic and philosophical stage dream”, this engrossing performance allows the viewer to experience Kentridge’s art, thinking and process in a singular, evocative way.

Kentridge interweaves an astonishing range of visual and sound languages into an engrossing 80-minute performance with a discourse from the artist himself at its centre. The chamber opera is a multi-layered experience that includes dance, performed and choreographed by Dada Masilo, an original score by Philip Miller, video by Catherine Meyburgh, mechanical sculptures, vocal performance and narration.

The artist delivers a narrative that begins with the ancient Greek myth of Perseus and ends with Einstein amidst a Dadaist pandemonium of sounds and images. He is joined on stage by an international cast of twelve including dancers, musicians, performers and vocalists in this evocative and unforgettable theatre experience.

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Credit: Catherine Meyburgh, video editor.