An online artwork dedicated to artist Faith47's peaceful urban swans

Award-winning South African filmmaker Rowan Pybus releases "No Standing Anytime", an online artwork inspired by artist Faith47's New York City Swans.

Internationally acclaimed street artist and Design Indaba alumnus, Faith47 spent part of her summer painting a series of otherworldly birds around New York. Titled The Psychic Power of Animals, the ongoing project brings the energy of nature back into the urban metropolis, softening the harsh city architecture with the gracefulness and spirit-like presence of the swans.  

"There’s an inherent irony in recreating nature on cement, so the series is a nostalgic reminder of what we’ve lost but also an attempt to reintegrate that into the present,” says Faith47.  "We have become so distanced from nature, so these murals are an attempt to reconnect us with the natural world.”  

Award-winning South African filmmaker Rowan Pybus has released No Standing Anytime, an online artwork inspired by Faith47’s New York City swans. This is the Makhulu co-founder’s fourth video collaboration with Faith47. 

Vandalog has selected an etching of The Psychic Power of Animals for Amazon’s Street Art Project, which they describe as “an eclectic set of seven prints from some of the world’s most interesting street artists.”

Faith47’s debut solo show in New York City is on at Jonathan Levine Gallery until 19 December 2015. Aqua Regalia – Chapter Two is a continuation of Faith47’s successful 2014 London exhibition, named after a highly corrosive mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid that has the ability to dissolve gold.  She explores the dichotomy between the sacred and the mundane by enveloping viewers in a space with figurative paintings, as well as intricacies from everyday life in shrine-like artworks.