A new channel for the vicarious traveller

How Far From Home, speakers from our 2016 Conference, have just launched a video blog for those of us that are seeing the world vicariously through their eyes.

Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger of How Far From Home have just launched a video blog to accompany their highly popular Instagram feed of images from their travels around the world. In this, their first video, they introduce themselves with a few infographics from their journey so far.

To fill you in (if you don't yet know these two wandering creatives), both Cartell and Dirnberger were working (and feeling just about content) in an advertising agency in Johannesburg. In 2014 they listened to Stefan Sagmeister on the Design Indaba stage talk about the benefits of a creative sabbatical, and they began working their way out of the comfort zone. One year of saving and planning and they were off around the world, documenting their experiences in a number of creative ways for their growing social media audience. In 2016 they returned to Design Indaba Conference to tell our audience about their experiences, but the journey hasn't come to an end. They are still out travelling the world, trying earnestly everyday to find ways to keep the journey going. You can follow them on their new vlog, as well as on Instagram, and look out for their wanderlust-inspiring and insightful speaker talk on our website soon. In the meantime get to know them better in our exclusive video interview

Watch the Talk with How Far From Home

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