Multi-sensory Cotton Candy Theremin

The act of spinning cotton candy becomes a multi-sensory experience with "feeding designer" Emilie Baltz's Cotton Candy Theremin.

Experience designer Emilie Baltz and animator Philip Sierzega have collaborated on the design of the Cotton Candy Theremin, which was launched at the Redbull Studios in New York in July 2015. The project saw the transformation of the simple cotton candy spinner into a multi-sensory playful experience.

Baltz creates projects where food, design, technology and performance interact. The Cotton Candy Theremin is an interactive project that uses the gestures of spinning cotton candy to trigger different sounds and visuals. The animations, designed by Phil Sierzega, see pink shapes spin into threads, giving you the sense of being inside the cotton candy.

“It seems joy has little currency in the art market,” says Baltz. “Personally I think that is the most ridiculous thing. It is actually how cultures are stitched together and how communities are made and how anything gets done in the world.”

“The act of having fun can be very simplistic,” adds Sierzega, “but actually tapping into that and creating something around that can be a very complex task.”

Baltz’s recent installations and events include a musical tour with her Lickable Popsicle Orchestra and a colour coordinated culinary experience for the Brooklyn Brewery.